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'He that travels much knows much.'
Thomas Fuller

Tanzania's Treasure Chest
Lake Manyara National Park
Serengeti National Park - Olduvai Gorge
Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area
Western Corridor - Gremeti River
Tarangire National Park
Ruaha National Park
Lake Victoria
Selous Game Reserve
Unguja - Better known as Zanzibar Island
Mt. Kilimanjaro
safari - Mahale National Park
Rubondo Island
Gombe National Reserve - Famed area of Jane Goodall Chimp Research
Saadani National Park
Mikumi National Park
Udzungwa National Park
Kitulo National Park
Arusha National Park
Katavi National Park

From the magic of Zanzibar to the supernatural spectacle of the wildebeest migration, Tanzania has a lot to offer. This country boasts some of the most scenic African Savannah.

Tanzania, like Kenya, is a country with a strong presence of tourism, but we have been fortunate to have spent many wonderful times visiting relatively unexplored regions of this vast country. If you know where to look there are many hidden gems, and it has become very clear to us that it's possible to visit Tanzania and not be surrounded by multiple numbers of mini-buses full of tourists. For example, the Selous Game Reserve and the Ruaha National Park hold vast accessible wilderness that is relatively unused by the major tourist companies.

We look forward to introducing you to the remote depths of these areas and their abundant wildlife. Our authentic Savannah Safari will offer you sights you've only ever been able dream about.

Well known names, places and highlights...

...Serengeti National Park & Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area - Larger than the Mara in Kenya and part of the same eco-system which is home to the annual wildebeest migration - Serengeti National Park holds many pristine miles of savanah and grassland. In the western corridor heading towards Lake Victoria you'll pass along the Gremeti River famed for the largest crocodiles in Africa!

...Olduvai Gorge - There is a small information center here where you'll learn about the discoveries made by Mary Leakey. For those fascinated by her discoveries there is also Laetoli to view the footprints of early man.

...Selous Game Reserve - In this Reserve you can take a boating and walking safari along wild stretches of the Rufiji River.

...Zanzibar Island - Visit the pleasant tourist meca Center of Stonetown then we'll take you to a remote stretch of paradise, white sand, palm trees and warm tropical waters all for you alone to enjoy.

...Mt. Kilimanjaro We'll give you hiking routes, details and depature dates for guided climbs. Fundraiser trips are scheduled each year as well - If you're interested in joining a group 'for a purpose' please ask for details.

Set Departure Tours

Destination: Tanzania
Travel Dates: January 19th - February 3rd 2010 - Comfort/Luxury Tour

Destination: Tanzania
Travel Dates: June 1st - 16th 2010 - Comfort/Camping

Sample Tours

8 Day 'Luxury' Tarangire - Ngorongoro Crater - Serengeti Safari

8 Day 'Comfort' Lake Manyara - Serengeti - Ngorongoro Crater - Tarangire Safari

8 Day 'Camping' Tarangire - Lake Manyara - Serengeti - Ngorongoro Crater Safari

8 Day 'Luxury' Selous Game Reserve & Ruaha NP

5 Day 'Luxury' Chimpanzee safari in Mahale NP

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